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The power of sports is pervasive and timeless. Dating back to the Roman Coliseum in 80 B.C., sports have played a major role in the development of our society. It was the athletic contests originated by the dynamic Greek and Roman cultures that inspired the athletes to reach beyond their limits and strive for excellence.

Hundreds of thousands of extraordinary athletes have graced the stadium, field and arena, the finest going on to the professional ranks…and, of those, only the best are permanently acknowledged in their respective Hall of Fame. But even from this select group, there are a precious few whose talents and personalities have transcended even the best. They became…"THE IMMORTALS."

The Sports Immortals journey began in 1943 when four-year-old, Joel Platt, tossed a match into a gas tank of a car resulting in a violent explosion. Bedridden for one year after the explosion, Platt's parents provided baseball cards to entertain their son during the many months of rehabilitation. Upon recovery, his card collection expanded to include autographs, programs, and actual artifacts from the world's greatest athletes.

Today, Joel Platt is the foremost curator of sports memorabilia. During the last four decades, he has traveled over one million miles to meet sports legends and their relatives in order to curate over one million sports mementos. Platt's assemblage has been featured at the Smithsonian Institute and will serve as the nucleus for developing Sports Immortal Projects:

  • Sports Immortals® International Hall of Fame and National Sports Museum
  • Sports Immortals® Traveling Exhibitions
  • Sports Immortals® Virtual Museum
  • Sports Immortals® Documentaries
  • Sports Immortals® Merchandise
Sports Immortals has four main objectives:
  1. To preserve the memories and achievements of the greatest athletes in sports history.
  2. To make enshrinement as a Sports Immortal be one of the greatest honors achievable in sports.
  3. To establish a foundation that would contribute to sports medicine research and related organizations.
  4. To inspire and motivate every visitor to strive for maximum effort in his or her life endeavors.


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