Strategic Business Opportunities
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To utilize the Sports Immortals Assets together with the latest immersive technology to honor and celebrate the greatest achievements of human athletic endeavor by creating entertaining, educational and inspirational projects both in the physical and virtual worlds that will appeal to millions of tourists, sports fans and sports organizations worldwide.

Planned Projects

  1. Sports Immortals Experience, World Museum and International Hall of Fame: Interactive and immersive attraction honoring the world’s greatest athletes both past and present
  2. Traveling Exhibitions: Museum Version (like King Tut) and Mobile Version (Expandable 18 Wheeler)
  3. Satellite Developments: Smaller version of the Sports Immortals Experience
  4. Intellectual Properties: Movies, Documentaries, Books, Television (Reality) Shows, etc.
  5. Merchandising Opportunities: Apparel, Games, Toys, Reproduction of Original Items from Collection, etc.
  6. Mobile Apps, Digital Games and Virtual Museum Portal: Educational, Fun, Interactive and Exciting
  7. Awards Ceremony: Goal is to make enshrinement as a Sports Immortal the greatest honor achievable in sport
  8. Classic Events: Tennis, Golf, Poker, etc. to raise money for Sports Immortals Charities
  9. Sports Curriculum: In association with a Major University

Investment Opportunities Available

Contact: Jim Platt