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World Museum of Sports & International Hall of Fame

Sports Immortals® is solely devoted to the super athletes, whose impact on sports never fades from our view. It is a project that conjures up the roar of the crowd, the pinnacle of performance, the unmatched rapport between athlete and fan, and most importantly preserves the memories and achievements of the world's greatest athletes.


Interactive Museum - The focal point of the Sports Immortals® Complex will be the World Museum of Sports, an immersive and inspirational attraction that will celebrate the accomplishments of sports history's greatest competitors. Presented in chronological order, each era of sports will come to life. Through the use of the latest multimedia technology, visitors will hear the sounds and see the sights of the times. For example, the decade of the twenty will feature Vaudeville music and contain animated wax figures and mementos from Babe Ruth, Bill Tilden, Bobby Jones, Jack Dempsey, Knute Rockne, etc. With the emotion and the drama of the moment resonating, every visitor will be able to relive his/her favorite sports moment. The artifacts date back to the Roman Coliseum and are as current as today.

International Hall of Fame Sports Immortals® will honor and enshrine sports heroes from around the globe who represent the apex of athletic achievement. To be enshrined as a Sports Immortal will be recognized as the greatest honor in sports.

Restaurant of Champions - The Sports Immortals® Gallery and Grill Restaurant will incorporate the best in sports, interactive entertainment, creative retail, celebrity appearances, and best of all, excellent food. There will also be a Sky Box Café for those in a hurry and desire ballgame fare.

Sports Retail - This retail component will provide the visitor an opportunity to purchase rare collectibles, licensed merchandise from all major sports and specially created Sports Immortals® branded products, i.e. apparel, prints, statues, toys, games, books, etc.

Interactive Arcade - Visitors will compete in interactive sports competition with one another and against "Virtual Sports Immortals®." By utilizing the latest technology, participants will be able to race against Jimmie Johnson, stand toe to toe with Muhammad Ali, hit a Rex Chapman fastball, strike out Babe Ruth, or kick the winning field goal in the Super Bowl. In addition, Sports Immortals® will feature a "You Make the Call" exhibit where visitors can call the play by play from some great moment in sports.

Immortals Cinema - Sports Immortals® will feature a 360-degree theater that will show the twenty greatest moments in sports history. There will also be a multi-media theater where visitors can watch various Hollywood classics that pay tribute to the Sports Immortals®, i.e. Jim Thorpe All American, The Knute Rockne Story, etc.


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