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The power of sports lies in the ability of athletes to rise above the challenge of their competitors and captivate humanity. With their universal appeal, sports have the potential to transcend race, color, nationality, and borders to unite the world on a spiritual level.

For as long as anyone can remember, no one area has so perennially affected our lives as much as sports. From the chariot races in the Roman Coliseum in 80 B.C to the unforgettable moment of seeing Muhammad Ali light the Olympic flame in 1996, sports have not only provided a vehicle for the healthy spirit of competition, but also a stage on which heroes can emerge. It is in these stadiums and arenas of history and the present that these titans of talent appear. The ball park is their Mount Olympus, sports are how they display their power…and SPORTS IMMORTALS is how they will forever be remembered.

The Sports Immortals Collection is the largest and most diverse assortment of sports mementos in the world. It represents the best of the human spirit. It is more than just uniforms, gear, autographs, photos, etc. It exists to ensure that the memories and achievements of the greatest athletes of all time will inspire us for generations to come.

`` The rewards from sports dwell far deeper than the satisfaction of victory. They manifest themselves in the teaching of sportsmanship, teamwork and self-sacrifice. ``
Joel Platt, Founder of Sports Immortals


Founder, Sports Immortals

After graduating from Duquesne University in 1959, Mr. Platt became a successful business entrepreneur, excelling in the areas of Commercial Real Estate, Merchandise Sales, and Amusement Attractions. His Sports Memorabilia Collection has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the magazine, Discovery Channel, ESPN and numerous national television features. The Smithsonian Institute has recognized the Collection as “…absolutely the most outstanding collection on all sports…” With over 50 years of experience, Mr. Platt is a renowned authority in the field of sports collecting. He is a consultant, an appraiser and a historian and a member of the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.


President, Sports Immortals

Mr. Platt has extensive experience in the areas of strategic marketing, strategic management, advertising, promotions, Internet development and museum operations. He is currently in charge of business development for Sports Immortals. In addition, Jim Platt recently launched the Sports Immortals Educational Program where he provides motivational words of wisdom to children and adolescents by teaching them about values and lessons in life using athletes and Joel Platt as examples. While working at Motorola, he was instrumental in the introductions of two products, including the ESPNet TO GO sports pager. He also served a variety of clients while working for the Latin American division of Burson-Marsteller, such a Sky Entertainment and Gatorade. Both an avid sports enthusiast and writer, Jim Platt’s first book, Sports Immortals, Stories of Inspiration and Achievement, has already been purchased by over 100,000 sports fans. Mr. Platt received his BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from the University of Miami. He is available to speak and provide presentations to schools, camps and various business organizations.


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