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Investment opportunities are available including:

  • Naming Rights
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Equity
  • Individual Contributions
Sports Immortals has a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation:
  • Cash Donations made to the Platt Sports Foundation are tax-deductible and will assist us in supporting Sports Medicine Research, School based sports education programs, and the development of the Sports Immortals Museum.
  • "Museum Worthy" sports memorabilia contributed to the Sports Immortals Foundation is tax-deductible.
Participate in Sports History!
Contribute to the development of
The Sports Immortals Museum.

For every $20 contribution or more,
you will receive
this beautiful autographed poster.

Click image for larger view.

Through your tax-deductible donation to the Platt Sports Foundation, you can help develop an educational and entertaining sports museum attraction that will be an inspiration to mankind. The Sports Immortals Museum will honor and enshrine the greatest athletes in sports history. You have a unique opportunity to participate and leave a legacy in your name for future generations.

Honors Program

Donations Honor*
$10,000 Your name will be inscribed in the museum building scrolls
$100,000 Your name will be inscribed in walk of fame area of the museum
$1,000,000 A room in the museum will be dedicated in your name
$10,000,000 A section of the museum will be dedicated in your name
$100,000,000 You will be recognized as the Co-Founder of the Sports Immortals Museum
* When the major museum project is completed

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